There are numerous reasons why nurses from across Europe are relocating to the UK – primarily to kick start their career and to improve their living standards.  We work with a range of international partners in Romania, Portugal and Spain.  It is a very competitive environment with the NHS actively recruiting across Europe but we have trusted partners that supply quality candidates that recognise the benefits of working in UK Care Homes.  As long as the recruitment process and employers offers are clear, candidates are very keen to kick start their nursing career in the UK.

  • Candidate provides a CV with full employment and education history.
  • A Nurses Now screening interview by SKYPE
  • An Employer’s full interview by SKYPE or face to face interviews in the home country
  • Successful candidates will receive a job offer letter, contract and job description by e-mail before leaving for the UK.
  • Copies of the following documents are to be supplied prior to travel to the UK.  The originals must be brought with to the UK for verification by the employer.
  1. Passport and ID card
  2. General Nursing certificate
  3. NMC PRN or PIN number
  4. Home country police check
  5. 2 x employment references (translated)
  • A start date will be set and accommodation will be secured for the candidate.
  • We will provide advice and guidance for the flights and transfers to the candidate’s destination.  Some employers choose to pay for this for the candidate as it makes the job offer more attractive.
  • On arrival at the destination, candidates will be met by a representative of the employer who will take them to their accommodation.
  • As pre-arranged with the employer, the candidate will then start employment on the date agreed.  DBS, Training and induction will start on the first day