Do nurses want to work in a care home rather than for the NHS?

In a recent article published on a leading care website it was revealed that nurses would rather work in a care home than for and the NHS. However here are a few facts:


- just like any part of the healthcare sector, there are good and bad nursing homes but the good nursing homes can offer;

  1. better pay rates than the NHS for nurses starting their career,
  2. greater working hours flexibility and better opportunities to deliver person centred care
  3. more time to deliver care means better outcomes for residents – that has to be the best incentive!

- the NHS is putting in a tremendous amount of effort and resources into recruiting from around the world.


- some nurses only want to work in hospitals but many are open to the best offer or the job that provides the best job satisfaction.


- the reality is that there is a high failure rate for EU nurses in the NHS – this should tell candidates a lot.

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Date Published: 
11th March 2015